Kennel Club Press Release

Kooikerhondje reclassified to the Utility group


At its meeting of January 8th, the Kennel Club General Committee reconsidered the future group classification of the Kooikerhondje, further to the announcements made in June and November 2012.
Having considered a further submission from the breed club, the Kennel Club has agreed to transfer the Kooikerhondje to the Utility Group with effect from 1 January 2014, and not the Working Group as had initially been proposed.
At the same meeting, the Kennel Club also confirmed that the Lagotto Romagnolo and Spanish Water Dog will remain in the Gundog Group (Utility sub-group).
Consideration of the group classification of the three breeds arose because of the requirement for gundog judges to attend a working event for the breed concerned in order to achieve approval to judge at CC level in the Gundog group.