2017 Kooikerhondje Annual Open Breed Show and Fun Day

With summer just around the corner it is time to tell you all about our annual Breed Open Show and Fun Day which shall be held on Sunday 25th June 2017 at Steventon Village Hall, Steventon, Oxon, OX13 6RR. Our open show is designed to be fun and welcoming, we have mountains of prizes on offer for all places in each class, and absolutely encourage owners who have never shown before to have a go. We even have a ringcraft class held before the show where we teach you what it is you need to do. If you do wish to enter this part of the day entries must be received by the 29th May 2017. The schedule (including entry form) can be found on the download page of this website.

The show will be followed by an introduction to Rally-O, which is a fun and less formal type of obedience competition compared to the traditional obedience work.

The Rally-O will be followed by our fun day. Do you own the prettiest bitch, most handsome dog or how about the champion sausage catcher? We will have an afternoon of fun games to compete with your dogs of any breed in, we hope to see you all there!