We need you!

Dear Kooikerhondje owner,

As you may be aware Kooikerhondje owners have access to an invaluable tool which assists in breeding the healthiest puppies possible to go into loving homes.  We have a breed register that dates back to the early 1940’s.  This register contains details of every Kooiker born in every country from the 1940’s to present day, listing both health tests as well as health conditions experienced.  It must be stressed that we have an extremely healthy breed, which is in no small part down to breeders using this register to plan matings, avoiding doubling up on dogs that could introduce a condition, and maintaining the genetic viability of the breed by not excluding different bloodlines as an overreaction to one occurrence of a condition when all other progeny is clear.

This really is invaluable to the breed, and we are extremely lucky to be able to have such a document.  However, the register will only remain useful as long as people provide information to keep it up to date.

As such please can I kindly remind all owners to forward details from the list below to Claire Johnson c-l-johnson@hotmail.co.uk whenever there is an update –

  • Details of all puppies from new litters, including registered name of sire and dam, registered name of all puppies, KC registration number of all puppies, date of birth, any health tests undertaken by the breeder (please email a scanned copy of the certificate in confidence)
  • Details of any health tests undertaken by the dogs owner (please email a scanned copy of the certificate in confidence)
  • Details of any long term health issues your dog may have developed (please exclude minor injuries and illnesses)
  • The date and reason of death for any kooikers
  • Details of any puppies you export

The more open we are in the club register, the easier it will be for us to import new puppies and bloodlines into the UK.  Equally the more likely it will be that people from outside the UK would be interested in our puppies and using our stud dogs.

Thank you in advance for your help in maintain this fantastic register of the breed.

Kind regards,

Kooikerhondje Club of Great Britain