Planned Litters

Below we list the current or planned litters of Kooikerhondjes from members of the Kooikerhondje Club of Great Britain.

Claire Johnson is the puppy co-ordinator for the club, she can be contacted on for advice.

Buying from the UK vs Importing

Should I import is a question we are regularly asked. There is no doubt that to keep the breed healthy new dogs and lines regularly need to be brought into the UK. However, this is only of benefit if done with extreme care, with the puppy fully health checked going back 5 or 6 generations, and after analysing if it will be of benefit to the existing gene pool. If you are only looking for a pet, or a pet that will partake in some activities with you we recommend that you get a puppy from the UK for the following reasons;

  • A puppy’s critical socialisation window closes within the first 4 months of life, and in the case of the sensitive Kooiker this time really is critical. Under current legislation a puppy cannot legally enter the UK until 15 weeks of age. Therefore you will be unable to habituate your puppy to your way of life during this most important life stage. You will need to trust your breeder inside and out to ensure that your puppy is taken out alone daily for the extra 7 weeks that they will have to keep your puppy. That means the breeder has to have the time, means and inclination to take your puppy out without adult dogs or siblings every day meeting things that you will see in your life, be that a busy city life, or rural country living.
  • We do not know what the future import rules will be post Brexit, worst case is that a puppy will have to be 10 months before they can enter the UK. You will need to be aware of this and prepare for it.
  • It is likely to cost you 2-3 times to buy a puppy from abroad verses a UK puppy once you have taken into account multiple trips to visit the breeder and puppy, and 7 weeks board.

Importing can and has worked well, but please take advice before you do so. There is a myth that you cannot get a puppy in the UK, we have a good number of breeders here who follow the Club Code of Ethics.

We have a 2 year old male Kooiker who is unfortunately looking for a new home. The new owner of this boy MUST NOT have, or have regular contact with children, and MUST have an in depth knowledge of canine behaviour and body language. He has been assessed, and is a lovely lad, but he will need some help to understand this strange world we live in. If you are interested in finding out more about this boy please email


Papikoi Funsize Twix x Millhanger Amelia

DOB: 12th February 2020

Contact – phone 01226 215902