Kooikerhondje Open Show and Fun Day

On Sunday the 7th June 2015 we shall be holding a single breed Open Show followed by a Kooiker Fun Day at Steventon Village Hall in Oxforshire.  More details shall follow, but please keep the date free and try and come and join us to help celebrate the breed!  This will be a fantastic opportunity to meet and learn about the breed, and for new and future owners to ask experienced owners for any help and advice.

The schedule and entry form are now available to download from our links and download page.

Breed Health Seminar and Updated Survey

After the excitement of Crufts we can now get excited about the upcoming Breed Health Seminar taking place on Saturday the 12th of April at the University of Buckingham.

The seminar will take place from 10am to 4pm with lunch included. £30 to book a place.

Presentations from Dr Paul Mandigers (Utrecht University) on; Polymyositis, HNM and Genetic Diversity within the Kooiker. Karl Jones will be giving a lecture on Canine Lameness and Gait Analysis. Emma Suiter (our new breed health coordinator) will be presenting the results from our breed health survey. And Claire Johnson will be giving a demonstration of ZooEasy, an online breed and health registry.

It would be fantastic to get a big turnout. 

Please fill out the form and return to Celia by March 20th. You can email her at celia@cwath.demon.co.uk if you are worried the post won’t reach her in time.

Health Seminar application form Kooikerhondje

Also, any UK Kooiker owner who hasn’t yet filled out the breed health survey, it would be great if you could do so by clicking HERE. The more responses we get, the more we will know about the overall UK Kooiker population health. Staying vigilante is key to a happy healthy breed.



Breed Health Seminar

The first ever Kooikerhondje Breed Health Seminar will take place on Saturday 12  April 2014 at Buckingham University in Buckingham. The principal speaker will be the internationally renowned Kooikerhondje breed health expert Dr Peter Madingers of Utrecht University and a full programme and booking form shall be available shortly.  Although tailored towards the Kooikerhondje the genetics and principles are transferable to all breeds.  As such, we invite anyone with an interest in the health considerations before breeding a litter to attend.

Kooiker Health Survey

As with all responsible dog clubs, the Kooikerhondje Club of Great Britain care deeply about the health of our breed.  In order for us to stay on the pulse of the health of the breed we ask that all owners, past or present, take two minutes to complete the health survey below.  Please complete a survey for each of your Kooikerhondje.  These results will be collated and presented at the Club’s next AGM in February 2014.

Please click here to take the survey.

2013 Open Show

The Kooikerhondje Club of Great Briatin will be holding a single breed open show on Saturday 8th June at Stevonton Village Hall, Oxfordshire, OX13 6AA.  Entries close on the 10th May, and schedules can be downloaded from our links page.  This is a fantastic chance to meet a large group of Kooikers, so if you are interested in the breed please come along!

Kennel Club Press Release

Kooikerhondje reclassified to the Utility group


At its meeting of January 8th, the Kennel Club General Committee reconsidered the future group classification of the Kooikerhondje, further to the announcements made in June and November 2012.
Having considered a further submission from the breed club, the Kennel Club has agreed to transfer the Kooikerhondje to the Utility Group with effect from 1 January 2014, and not the Working Group as had initially been proposed.
At the same meeting, the Kennel Club also confirmed that the Lagotto Romagnolo and Spanish Water Dog will remain in the Gundog Group (Utility sub-group).
Consideration of the group classification of the three breeds arose because of the requirement for gundog judges to attend a working event for the breed concerned in order to achieve approval to judge at CC level in the Gundog group.